Our Vision

To be the first Shariah compliant FMCG & Services company born out of the Middle East that would set an international example of excellence with its various products and services, while attaining the highest possible return on investment for our shareholders by purely Halal means.

Our Mission

  • To create leading and trusted brands in the meat, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables across the Middle East region and all Muslim communities across the globe.
  • To create modern distribution and warehousing facilities across the region that will serve the different business units under F&S Holding.
  • Reinvent the production processes of all the different product categories with a view to create efficient, modern, creative and innovative production facilities.

Our Values

  • Honesty & Integrity - We will achieve our objectives through honesty, transparency and honoring our commitments to both customers and partners.
  • Quality - To provide our customers with high quality products and services with true value for their money.
  • Customer Satisfaction - To earn our customers' loyalty by maintaining a high level of satisfaction. 
  • Partnership - To establish long lasting business partnerships with all our stakeholders.
  • People - To always support and develop our greatest asset, our employees.